One- and two-color spectroscopy of pirydylindoles and related compounds and their molecular complexes in supersonic jets
  Y. Nosenko
Laser spectroscopy of compounds undergoing the intramolecular excited state proton transfer reaction
  A. Vdovin,   E. Luzina
Structural studies of weak complexes of aromatic compounds with solvent molecules by laser induced fluorescence methods with optical and mass detection.
  Yu. Stepanenko
Femtosecond time-resolved mass spectrometry
  Yu. Stepanenko,  A. Vdovin
Our research involves laser spectroscopy techniques applied to the studies of new interesting photochemical problems in molecular beams. High-resolution electronic spectroscopy is applied to isolated species and molecular complexes formed in the supersonic beam. A range of spectroscopic methods: fluorescence excitation and emission, two-photon ionization, hole-burning spectroscopy have been employed. The laser spectroscopy is often combined with time-of-flight spectrometry to obtain mass-selective information. Most attention was paid to of photoreactive systems undergoing an excited state proton transfer.

We are also exploring the properties of liquid helium nanodroplets using high resolution laser spectroscopy. Helium droplets provide us with a unique spectroscopic environment that is "perfect" to study hydrogen-bonded clusters, biomolecules, radicals and ions.

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