International Conference on Hydrogen Bonding
Dedicated to Prof. N.D. Sokolov memory
(Second Russian-Ukrainian-Polish Conference),
Moscow, Russia, October 6-10 , 2004

    E. Luzina: Proton transfer spectroscopy of 2,5-bis-(2'-benzoxazolyl)hydroquinone derivatives and their molecular clusters in the supersonic jet. Deuterium isotope effect.


Workshop: "Photoinduced Charge (Electron and proton) Migration",
Wdzydze, Poland, 30.5-5.06.2004
  A. Vdovin:
Laser spectroscopy of 9,10,19,20-tetramethylporphycene seeded in a supersonic jet.
  Poster presentation:
An ultrafast relaxation of the electronically excited 2-hydroxynaphthylidene-(8'-aminoquinoline)
P.Fita, D.Kopec, E.Luzina,T.Dziembowska, A.Grabowska,
C.Radzewicz, A.Mordzinski
  Femtochemistry VI, Paris, France, 6-10 July, 2003
  Poster presentation:
Femtosecond Pump/Probe Spectroscopy of 2,5-bis(2-benzoxazolyl)hydroquinone Clusters in Supersonic Beams.
  Y. Stepanenko, A. Vdovin,
C. Radzewicz, A. Mordzinski
  XX Symposium on Molecular Beams, Lisbon, Portugal,
8-13 June, 2003
  Poster presentation:
Supersonic Jet Spectroscopy and Theoretical Studies of H/D Isotope Exchange in 2-(2-pyridyl)indole.
  Y. Nosenko, A. Mordzinski

Workshop: "Supramolecular Chemistry and New Materials",
Bialowieza, Poland, 31.5-4.06. 2003

    A. Mordzinski: Laser spectroscopy of proton transfer systems in supercooled helium droplets.

    A. Vdovin: Two color laser spectroscopy of jet-cooled 2,5-bis(2-benzoxazolyl)hydroquinone: deuterated forms and van der Waals complexes studies with optical and mass-selective detection.

    E. Luzina: Proton transfer spectroscopy of jet-cooled benzoxazole derivatives.

    Y. Nosenko: Laser jet spectroscopy of molecular microclusters of pyridylindoles.

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