The Laser Center in Warsaw
The Laser Center has been founded basing on the agreement between the Institute of Physical Chemistry PAS in Warsaw and Departments of Chemistry and Physics of Warsaw University, on June 21st, 1999, and is located on the territory of the Institute of Physical Chemistry. The Center are intended to realize two principal functions:
  • to initiate and conduct the actual fundamental and applied research projects with application of laser techniques, in particular the femtosecond techniques;
  • to create a center for integration of a part of Warsaw scientific community sharing the same research interests.
During the period of 2000-2002 several scientific projects have been realized in the Laser Center. As one of these projects an experimental setup for investigation of femtosecond dynamics of molecules in the condensed phase (stimulated Raman studies, coherent polarization decay measurements) has been designed.

The group of prof.Cz.Radzewicz constructed the new femtosecond laser amplifier system consisting of commersial Ti:sapphire femtosecond laser oscillator and several parts (stretcher, amplifier, compressor and generator of second and third optical harmonics) which were designed, constructed and tested in the Laser Center.

The main parameters of the system:
  • 3 working wavelengths ranges with maxima at: 800, 400 and 267 nm;
  • 10 Hz repetition frequency;
  • pulse energy >1.5 mJ, pulse duration < 60 fs (800 nm wavelength).
This new laser system is planned to be applied in nearest future for the investigations of femtosecond dynamics of molecules and molecular complexes in supercooled molecular beams.
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