Alexander Vdovin

1971 - Born in Dniepropetrovsk, Ukraine  
1988 - Study of physics at Moscow Physical Technical Institute, Moscow, Russia  
1990 - Study of physics at Dniepropetrovsk State University, Dniepropetrovsk, Ukraine  
1993 - M.Sc. dergee in physics, Dniepropetrovsk State University, Dniepropetrovsk, Ukraine  
Research Fellow, Institute of Physical Chemistry of PAS, Warsaw, Poland  
2001 -
Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (Ph.D.), Dniepropetrovsk National University, Dniepropetrovsk, Ukraine
2005 -
Adjunkt, Department of Photochemistry and Spectroscopy, Institute of Physical Chemistry of PAS, Warsaw, Poland

Research areas:
    Laser spectroscopy and mass spectrometry combined with supersonic molecular beam techniques

    Laser spectroscopy and photochemistry of organic molecules undergoing inter- or intramolecular proton transfer reaction

    Femtosecond proton transfer reaction dynamics in isolated molecules

Selected publications
  1. A. Vdovin J. Sepiol, J. Jasny, J. M. Kauffman, A. Mordzinski
    “Excited state proton transfer in jet cooled 2,5-di-(2-benzoxazolyl)phenol”,
    Chemical Physics Letters, 296 (1998) 557-565.

  2. J. Sepiol, Y. Stepanenko, A. Vdovin, A. Mordzinski, E. Wogel, J. Waluk
    “Proton tunnelling in porphycene in supersonic jet”,
    Chemical Physics Letters, 296 (1998) 549-556.

  3. Y. Stepanenko, A. Vdovin, J. Jasny, J. Sepiol, A. Mordzinski
    “Optical and mass selective laser spectroscopy of 9-methylanthracene and 9-cyanoanthracene and their molecular microclusters”,
    Journal of Molecular Structure, 480-481 (1999) 595-599.

  4. V. N. Moiseenko, A. V. Vdovin, V. S. Gorelik, Ya. V. Burak
    “About some temperature anomalies in Raman spectra of Li2B4O7 crystals”,
    Kratkie Soobschenija po Fizike, 2000, N2, 3-8.

  5. A. V. Vdovin, V. N. Moiseenko, and Ya. V. Burak
    “Vibrational spectrum of Li2B4O7 crystals”,
    Optics and Spectroscopy, 90 (2001) 555-560.

  6. V. S. Gorelik, A. V. Vdovin, V. N. Moiseenko
    “Raman and hyper-Rayleigh scattering in lithium tetraborate crystals”,
    Journal of Russian Laser Research, 24 (2003) 553-605.

  7. A. Vdovin, J. Sepiol, N. Urbanska, M. Pietraszkiewicz, A. Mordzinski, J. Waluk,
    “Evidence for two forms, double hydrogen tunneling, and proximity of excited states in bridge-substituted porphycenes: Supersonic jet studies”, - submitted for publication.

Reports on the conferences
  1. A. Vdovin, E. Luzina and A. Mordzinski
    “Two color laser spectroscopy of jet-cooled 2,5-bis(2-benzoxazolyl)hydroquinone: deuterated forms and van der Waals complexes studies with optical and mass-selective detection.”,
    Workshop: "Supramolecular Chemistry and New Materials",
    31 May - 4 June, 2003, Bialowieza, Poland.

  2. A. Vdovin and A. Mordzinski
    “Laser spectroscopy of proton transfer systems in supercooled helium droplets”,
    Workshop: "Supramolecular Chemistry and New Materials",
    31 May - 4 June, 2003, Bialowieza, Poland.

  3. Y. Stepanenko, A. Vdovin, Cz. Radzewicz, A. Mordzinski
    “Femtosecond pump/probe spectroscopy of 2,5-bis(2-benzoxazolyl)hydroquinone clusters in supersonic beams.”,
    Femtochemistry VI, July, 2003, Paris, France.

  4. A. Vdovin, J. Sepiol, A.  Mordzinski, N. Urbanska, and J. Waluk
    “Laser spectroscopy of 9,10,19,20-tetramethylporphycene seeded in a supersonic jet”,
    Workshop: "Photoinduced Charge (Electron and proton) Migration",
    30 May - 5 June, 2004, Wdzydze, Poland.

  5. A. Vdovin, J. Sepiol, N. Urbanska, M. Pietraszkiewicz, J. Waluk
    “Tautomerisation in bridge-substituted porphycenes: search for trans and cis tautomeric forms by laser spectroscopy studies in supersonic jet”,
    Workshop: "Novel Experimental Techniques and Instrumentation",
    June, 2005, Lesko, Poland.

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