Deceased 5th October, 2004.
Andrzej Mordzinski

1978 - M.Sc., Department of Chemistry, University of Warsaw, Poland  
1983 - Ph.D., Institute of Physical Chemistry of PAS, Warsaw, Poland  
1991 - D.Sc., Institute of Physical Chemistry of PAS, Warsaw, Poland  
1992 - Associate Professor of Chemistry, Institute of Physical Chemistry of PAS, Warsaw, Poland  

Research areas:

      Molecular spectroscopy and photochemistry
      Time resolved absorption and emission studies of fast chemical reactions
      Chemical reactivity in different electronic states
      Vibrational spectroscopy and ab initio calculations of the structure of      photoreactive systems
      Laser spectroscopy of isolated systems and van der Waals clusters in supersonic      molecular beams and helium droplets

Selected papers:
  1. Kownacki K. Mordzinski A. Wilbrandt R. Grabowska A.
    "Laser-induced absorption and fluorescence studies of photochromic Schiff bases",
    Chemical Physics Letters, 227 (1994) 270-276.

  2. Mordzinski A. Sobolewski A. Levy D. H.
    "Dual fluorescence in aromatic nitriles. The role of the charge transfer states",
    Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 101 (1997) 8221.

  3. Vdovin A. Sepiol J. Jasny J. Kauffman JM. Mordzinski A.
    "Excited state proton transfer in jet-cooled 2,5-di-(2-benzoxazolyl) phenol",
    Chemical Physics Letters, 296 (1998) 557-565.

  4. Sepiol J. Stepanenko Y. Vdovin A. Mordzinski A. Vogel E. Waluk J.
    "Proton tunnelling in porphycene seeded in a supersonic jet",
    Chemical Physics Letters, 296 (1998) 549-556.

  5. Shen MY. Zhao LZ. Goto T. Mordzinski A.
    "Polarization dependence of photochromism in an N-salicylideneaniline single crystal",
    Journal of Chemical Physics, 112 (2000) 2490-2497.
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