Elena Luzina

1974 - Born in Yur'ev-Polskij, Russia  
1997 - M.Sc. dergee in physical chemistry, Ivanovo State University, Chemistry Department  
1998 -
Junior scientific worker, Institute of Solution Chemistry RAS, Ivanovo, Russia  
1998 - 2000,   Postgraduate student, Institute of Solution Chemistry, Ivanovo, Russia  
2001 - to present time,   PhD student, Institute of Physical Chemistry PAS, Warsaw, Poland  

Research interest:
    Laser spectroscopy of aromatic molecules and their molecular complexes in
    supersonic jets.

  1. E. Luzina, J.M. Kauffman, A. Mordzinski.
    "Electronic Jet Spectroscopy of 2,5-bis-(5-t-butyl-2-benzoxazolyl)phenol: Deuterium Isotope Effect",
    Chemical Physics Letters 400 (2004) 1-6.

Conferences participation:
  1. E. Luzina and A. Mordzinski,
    “Proton transfer spectroscopy of 2,5-bis-(2'-benzoxazolyl)hydroquinone derivatives and their molecular clusters in the supersonic jet. Deuterium isotope effect”,
    International Conference on Hydrogen Bonding Dedicated to Prof. N.D. Sokolov memory (Second Russian-Ukrainian-Polish Conference),
    6 - 10 October, 2004, Moscow, Russia.

  2. E. Luzina, P. Fita, D. Kopec, T. Dziembowska, A. Grabowska, C. Radzewicz and A. Mordzinski,
    “An ultrafast relaxation of the electronically excited 2-hydroxynaphthylidene-(8'-aminoquinoline)”,
    Workshop: "Photoinduced Charge (Electron and proton) Migration",
    30 May - 5 June, 2004, Wdzydze, Poland.

  3. A. Vdovin, E. Luzina and A. Mordzinski
    “Two color laser spectroscopy of jet-cooled 2,5-bis(2-benzoxazolyl)hydroquinone: deuterated forms and van der Waals complexes studies with optical and mass-selective detection.”,
    Workshop: "Supramolecular Chemistry and New Materials",
    31 May - 4 June, 2003, Bialowieza, Poland.

  4. E. Luzina and A. Mordzinski,
    “Proton transfer spectroscopy of jet-cooled benzoxazole derivatives”,
    Workshop: "Supramolecular Chemistry and New Materials",
    31 May - 4 June, 2003, Bialowieza, Poland.

  5. Luzina E.G., Kinchin A.N. and Kolker A.M.
    “Solubility of C60-C70 mixtures in various solvents”,
    VII International Conference:"The Problem of Solvation and Complex formation i Solutions",
    1998, Ivanovo, Russia.

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