Vacuum systems  
Set-up with optical detection (laser induced fluorescence measurements):
    1 vacuum chamber,
    turbomolecular pump (600 l/s),
    Roots pump (Leybold RUVAC 251)
The instrument for the multiphoton ionization spectra determination with time-of-flight mass-selective ion detection:
    2 differentially pumped chambers separated with a skimmer (Beam Dynamics, 0.1,0.2 mm),
    linear time-of-flight mass spectrometer (0.55m tube),
    diffusion pump (2000 l/s),
    turbomolecular pump (240 l/s)
Excitation sources  
Optical parametric oscillator (Sunlite EX, Continuum) (445 1750 nm, FWHM < 0.1 cm-1)
Dye lasers constructed by  J. Jasny:
Second harmonic generator:
    with BBO crystal (230 340 nm)

    with KDP crystal (260 450 nm)
Seeded Nd:YAG laser (Powerlite Precision 8000, Continuum), pump wavelengths - 532, 355 nm, FWHM < 0.003 cm-1
Nd:YAG laser (Surelite I-10, Continuum), pump wavelengths - 532, 355, 266 nm  

Molecular beam sources

High temperature (up to 260 oC) pulsed valve (0.5 mm, modified General Valve Series 9)

Continuos high-temperature valve (35 and 50µ Ealing pinholes)

Helium droplets beam (HENDI)
Ultra high vacuum, high pressure pulsed valve
(0.2 mm, General Valve Series 99)

Helium cryocooler DE-2002
(APD cryogenics)

High temperature pick-up cell

Detection systems
    Spectrograph Chromex 0.5 with CCD camera
    (Princeton Instruments)
    Monochromator M5 constructed by Doc. J Jasny with cooled photomultiplier (Hamamatsu R2949)
    Chevron microchannel plates (MCP) detector (Burle Inc.)
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