Selected publications of the group

Y. Nosenko, R.P. Thummel, A. Mordzinski.
"Vibrationally resolved electronic spectroscopy and theoretical studies of deuterated 2-(2-pyridyl)indole",
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 6 (2004), 363-367.

Y. Stepanenko, A. Vdovin, J. Jasny, J. Sepiol, A. Mordzinski  "Optical and mass selective laser spectroscopy of 9-methylanthracene and 9-cyanoanthracene and their molecular microclusters", Journal of Molecular Structure, 480-481 (1999) 595-599.

Y. Nosenko, Y. Stepanenko, F. Wu, R. P. Thummel, A. Mordzinski  "Laser Studies of Pyridylindoles in Supersonic Jets", Chemical Physics Letters, 315 (1999) 87.

A. Vdovin J. Sepiol, J. Jasny, J. M. Kauffman, A. Mordzinski  "Excited state proton transfer in jet cooled 2,5-di-(2-benzoxazolyl)phenol", Chemical Physics Letters, 296 (1998) 557-565.

J. Sepiol, Y. Stepanenko, A. Vdovin, A. Mordzinski, E. Vogel, J. Waluk  "Proton tunnelling in porphycene in supersonic jet", Chemical Physics Letters, 296 (1998) 549-556.

A. Mordzinski, A. Sobolewski, D. H. Levy  "Dual fluorescence in aromatic nitriles: The role of the charge transfer state", Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 101 (1997) 8221.
Publications in preparation

A. Vdovin, E. Luzina, A. Mordzinski  "Two color laser spectroscopy of jet-cooled
2,5 -bis(2-benzoxazolyl)hydroquinone and its deuterated forms".
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