International PhD in Chemistry Studies
at the Institute of Physical Chemistry
of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw, Poland

Graduates of chemistry, physics, materials science, and related university faculties, holding a Master of Science or equivalent degree, both experimentalists and theoreticians with an aptitude and passion for natural and exact sciences, and a strong motivation for research work are invited to join the intramural or extramural International Doctoral Studies (IDS).

The applicants are admitted to the Studies based on the result of an interview.

We propose interesting basic research topics, i.a., in the following fields:

We offer:

  • high quality research opportunities;
  • state-of-the-art research equipment and computational facilities in renovated and recently refurbished research laboratories, in particular in specialized laboratories;
  • scientific collaboration with renowned research centres in Poland, in the EU states, in USA, and Japan;
  • scientific and research training in Poland and abroad as a part of the International Doctoral Studies;
  • light teaching duties;
  • frequent contacts with the research advisor;
  • friendly and encouraging atmosphere.

The duration of doctoral studies is four years. The doctoral study programme is developed individually for each student based on the Regulations of the International Doctoral Studies. Monthly remuneration of a doctoral student depends on the progress of the research work. Non-resident students are entitled to an accommodation allowance. The Institute offers rooms at reasonable prices in the Institute own accommodation facilities. The best graduates from the International Doctoral Studies are referred to international postdoctoral positions and after return they are given priority of employment at the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the PAS.

Depending on the applicant’s educational background, the interview covers fundamentals of chemistry or physics in the scope corresponding to appropriate courses at relevant faculties of higher education institutions and a test of English. The interviews are held at least twice a year - the date of the nearest interview is Monday, 2 June 2014, at 9:00 a.m. Interested applicants are requested to contact earlier the Institute Secretariat and to submit the required documents. Candidates interested in the interview are requested to contact the Secretariat of the Institute earlier, from Monday to Friday 8.00-15.00.

and submit all the documents required at least two weeks before the qualification interview.
Good luck!

Forms to fill for PhD students: (see also forms in Polish)
  1. Individual program of the International PhD Studies (DOC)
  2. Applicationt for approval of lectures in individual IDS programme (DOC)
  3. Declaration (DOC, ZIP)
  4. PhD Student Certificate (DOC, ZIP)
  5. Evaluation of presentation at the PhD student seminar (DOC, ZIP)
  6. Semester, annual report (DOC, ZIP)
  7. PhD student's completion card (DOC) [4/2012]
  8. Final report (DOC, ZIP)
  9. Title page of a doctoral dissertation (DOC, ZIP)
  10. Opinion on the doctoral dissertation (DOC, ZIP)
  11. Commencement of the conferment (DOC, ZIP)

Questions for the examination after the second year of the International PhD in Chemistry Studies
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Lectures on contemporary philosophy
Research funding opportunities for doctoral students and researchers holding a doctoral degree
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Regulations for awarding financial aid benefits to doctoral students of IDS at IPC
How to efficiently write a research paper
Audio-visual system in the Institute
Rules of order of the PhD students' hostel (PDF)

Mrs. Monika Kuczyńska-Wydorska, PhD, can assist you in various matters associated with your participation in the International PhD in Chemistry Studies:
in matters associated with your stay in Warsaw, with the administrative arrangements (visa or permit to stay in case of the international students, insurance) and organisation of your study.
She will provide you with information on subjects of your interest and enable contacts with persons in charge.

Telephone: 022 343 3236
Room: 216/218, building 7a, first floor.

International Students Office
PhD Students Government
Doctoral student code of ethics