Laboratory of Chromatograph Analysis
Dr. Monika Asztemborska

Phone: +48 (22) 343-3296
Build. 7, room 244b

Expert Laboratory of Chiral Chromatography performs chromatographic studies of mixtures which are otherwise separable with difficulty, e.g.
  • enantiomeric composition of terpenic hydrocarbons in essential oils (it has been found that quality and quantity of terpens produced by plants depends not only on genetic factors but also on micro and macro environment)
  • enantiomeric composition of some therapeutics applied in the treatment of liver and kidney diseases (they differ from one another by enantiomeric composition)
  • micro preparative methods for ultra pure standards of optically active hydrocarbons (e.g. (-) camphene samples of 94% enantiomeric purity)
  • methods to control enantiomeric purity of chiral drugs (e.g. bromofosfamide and its metabolites).
The area of research includes physicochemical studies on complexation processes themselves (stability, stoichiometry, thermodynamic functions).
The validation of the chromatographic methods is also performed.

Our equipment includes:

Gas chromatography:
Two Hewlett-Packard Model 5890 gas chromatographs with FID detectors. Chiral capillary columns modified by various derivatives of cyclodextrins. Classical columns covered with solutions of cyclo-dextrins.

Liquid chromatography:
Waters and Knauer chromatographs equipped with RI, Chiralyser and UV-VIS detectors. As the chiral selectors we use native cyclodextrins, cholic acids and its derivatives as the additives to the mobile phase.
We also have chiral columns: e.g. Cyclobond I 2000, Chiracel OD and Chiralpak AD, IA and IB.

Capillary Elektrophoresis:
Thermo Separation CE Ultra and P/ACE MDQ Beckman Coulter apparatus.

Contact persons:
    Dr. Monika Asztemborska, e-mail:
    The details can be obtained:
    Department II. Institute of Physical Chemistry PAS
    Kasprzaka 44/52, 01-224 Warszawa