Laboratory of X-Ray Structural Analysis

Head of the Laboratory: Professor Janusz Lipkowski
Tel.: (0 22) 343-3213 or 343-3254,
room 234, 245

Laboratory of X-Ray Structural Analysis, being a part of the Department II, is specialized in investigation of crystal and molecular structures by X-ray diffraction on single crystals and powder specimens. Equipped with two automatic diffractometers for single crystals Bruker KappaApexII and KUMA Diffraction KM-4, and one powder diffractometer Bruker AXS D8 Advance, is prepared to perform a complete structural analysis from data collection through data reduction, structure solution, structure refinement to graphical representation of the structure. Scientific staff working in the Laboratory is experienced in crystallography of organic, inorganic and organometallic compounds. Additionally, it is also possible to perform analysis of phase composition and texture study of powder samples.
Diffraction measurtements can be performed at controlled temperature within the range from 80 to 400 K using LT device of OXFORD CRYOSYSTEMS Series 700.

Scientific projects actually performed within Laboratory include:
  1. Physicochemistry and structural chemistry of supramolecular complexes including chiral systems.
  2. Structure and dynamics of supramolecular complexes.
  3. Analysis of phase composition.
  4. Data collections and structural analysis for other scientific groups.

More information:
Prof. Kinga Suwińska, e-mail:
dr Iwona Justyniak , e-mail: